Ep #12: Why Cheat Meals Don't Work (Use Exception Eats Instead)



In the health and fitness industry, there's this idea that a couple days of the week, you have a cheat meal. You give up your plan and eat whatever you want because it's what brings you true joy. "Healthy food is boring and bland," is what I hear frequently from my clients.

On the podcast today, I'm debunking the concept of a cheat meal and this belief that it's hard to stay on plan because eating healthy doesn't bring joy. I'm sharing why it can feel like you need a cheat meal, and the truth about the kinds of foods you crave. I'm introducing you to a new way of thinking about cheating and how you can implement a more useful tool to sustain your weight loss journey!

Listen in as I dive into how implementing the “exception eats” tool has given me so much power over what I eat, and some hard truths about the kind of food we're eating that we think will fulfill our lives.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the concept of a cheat meal is detrimental to your weight loss.

  • How cheat meals can hurt your progress in the long run.

  • Why it's important to use something called "exception eats" instead.

  • How your thoughts about food determine your relationship with it.

  • One powerful question to ask yourself about your relationship with food.

  • How to implement your exception eats to aid your weight loss.

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